Vet projectVet project 1

R. A. Heath Construction would like to say THANK YOU to all of our veterans, military service men & women, and their families for their time, talents, and sacrifices that keep our country GREAT and SAFE!  

Starbucks recently commissioned a special project for Veterans Day to honor the local military service men, women, and their families.  When we became aware of the project near Fort Jackson in Columbia, SC, our management asked if we could participate by donating our time to renovate the wall space and hang the artwork (as seen in these photos).

This project was very personal to one of our own carpenters who is a veteran of Iraq and Bosnia.  After telling me about his work on this project and his time in military service, he ended the conversation saying “I was very proud to find out R. A. Heath was taking part and that I was asked to work on this project.”

Although we were grateful to Starbucks for allowing us to participate, we were pleased to receive this compliment:

“Thank you for your partnership with Starbucks.  I know that it has grown over the years in the number of projects and scope but more importantly what has grown is our respect of each other’s business.  Your teams go above and beyond more than we know and the example of providing the installation of the artwork in Columbia at no cost as a commitment to the military members and the Starbucks initiative is an example.  We truly appreciate our business relationship and thank you for this very kind gesture to celebrate those who serve us.



I could not have said it better myself regarding our partnership and respect for our businesses.  The management at R. A. Heath appreciates the unique opportunities such as this to have our values and community service align with our customers.

But the real kudos go out to those who served and continue to serve to bring peace and preserve freedom. Thank you!