CCI’s President Ron A. Heath kicked off the annual company meeting with a bang by announcing the winners of that day’s chili cook-off.  Mark from CCI’s custom department took home first prize while beating out 11 other tasty entries.  This annual pot-luck tradition was just the beginning of a fun afternoon which featured a status update of the company’s 2015 performance and look into the future.  CCI’s growth can be seen in the number of chili entries as a record 12 crock pots were positioned for the competition.  CCI is poised for another successful year in 2016 and Mark will be looking over his shoulder next year for the  top prize!  The top vote recipients are listed below along with some great photos of the event.

1st Place:  Mark S. – Custom

2nd Place:  Larry L. – Production

3rd Place:  Renee H. – Project Management

Honorable Mention:  Joe L. – Custom Bar & Dennis S. – Cabinet Cell

chilicookoff winners_2016

chilicook off lineup