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The day began with an introduction and recognition of R. A. Heath for donating my time to the project followed by a prayer inviting God into our activities.

While Chuck, the site superintendant, was delegating duties I made fast friends with Rachel. We took turns sanding the front porch posts and monitoring each other’s work. I snapped the chalk line on the soffit and helped install it…I got to use a nail gun too, which earned me a “You go Girl!” from Chuck.

I have always been behind the scenes of the construction process, making sure the money is taken care of and people get paid. Although I love the job, it can often feel thankless. On this day, at this site, with these people, I really felt like I belonged and was needed.

We laughed. We worked. We got to know each other. And of course, took lots of photos.

I was honestly quite surprised when the homeowners showed up, not knowing the process or that they would be joining us. The project is considered a hand UP not a hand OUT. That is what made it even more incredible to me. The family consists of a mother, father and son, who were very helpful and extremely thankful. It felt good helping someone in need reach a better place in life.

Not only did more people than expected show up to work, we were more productive than expected. We finished early, cleaned up, and were in our cars ready to leave when the storm clouds that had been looming finally opened up and let go, making me grateful we invited God into our activities that day!

I was hot, sweaty & tired but I felt better than I had in a long time. I guess it is true what they say…when you are feeling down about your life, go help someone else.

I am grateful to be part of a company that allowed me this opportunity!

Story by: Taryn Mitchell